Champion Adz mobile billboard trucks are available to travel at any time. It is an eye-catching, full-colour medium that exposes your ad campaign to the masses - the only limitation is your imagination

We offer a full day or half day service whereby we set off on our journey at 7:30 am, just in time for the commuters. Then we follow your pre-defined route or one of our maximum effect routes to get your message across to commuters, pedestrians and onlookers. Our daytime service ends at 7:30 in the evening.
Champion Adz Mobile advertisingTake "window shopping" directly to the shoppers
Champion Adz Mobile advertisingStuck in traffic - perfect, your mobile scrolling ad/showroom is getting more exposure to the stranded fellow commuters!
Champion Adz Mobile advertisingMaximum exposure - incredible results

We offer a late evening/midight service starting at 7:30 and finishing up at whatever location and whatever time you wish. We will target late night revellers, evening hotspots and of course we can make use the external loudspeakers to cheekily spread your message! Illuminate the darkness - no other advertising medium works with such effect!
Champion AdzYour relax and unwind after your stressful day, let us deliver your campaign to the mass's!
Champion Adz mobile advertising irelandOur extremely bright efficient backlit windows offer maximum effect during the night, not other form of advertsing works with such effect
Champion Adz mobile advertising irelandUse our GPS tracker to find out where we are delivering your message from the comfort of your home

As our vehicles are equipped with high powered backlighting and illumination you have your advertising campaign underway by simply parking in a highly populated area. Your advertising is guarenteed to stand out in the midnight sky.
Champion Adz mobile advertising irelandEffortless promotion - Park the car and go to bed - your promotion is underway!
Champion Adz mobile advertising irelandPark in a public area - get your promotion underway, 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Champion Adz mobile advertising irelandWhy not park outside a nightclub or a busy area - make the most of the unsocialble hours!
Our mobile marketing system can produce optimum effect advertising at high audience events or replica watches gatherings. We can park outside concert venues and market your campaign at an event perfectly suited to promote your brand or product.
Champion Adz mobile advertising irelandMass audience advertising
Champion Adz mobile advertising irelandExtremely cost efficient compared to in-venue advertising
Champion Adz mobile advertising irelandTarget specific groups/communities
Champion Adz mobile advertising irelandDeliver brand awareness to potential customers

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